Winter at Cliff at Lyons
This is the season


Winter at Cliff at Lyons can start with a longer stroll on the Canal way.. Enjoy the fresh air and the Christmas atmosphere of Co. Kildare, Ireland.

After it is time for some uber, warm festive fun with warm apple cider that will put you in the best festive spirit.

Cliff at Lyons has two special restaurants for your Christmas celebrations.

Festive Lunch and dinner at the orangery

Or Aimsir restaurant that is a passionate advocate for authentic Irish ingredients used in a sophisticated way.  

Aimsir is a new restaurant in Co. Kildare exploring Irish products. The food is finding its inspiration by the climate in Ireland and how it controls what grows.

Celebrating the fresh vegetables, fish and meat on the island, Aimsir is the passionate advocate for authentic ingredients used in a different way.

Chef Jordan Bailey and house manager Majken Bech Christensen are exploring these Irish food ingredients in a new exciting way.


Winter Wedding at Cliff at Lyons

Cliff at Lyons is an amazing historic location in a unique rural setting along the banks of the Grand Canal in Co. Kildare Ireland.

It is a place where all of your closest family and friends could come together from all over the world and totally feel welcome, relaxed and at home.

 The hotel is cosy, private and warm and the perfect venue for a Winter wedding near to Dublin in Ireland.

The beautiful buildings and gardens make the most beautiful backdrop for your Irish, Celtic Wedding day.

Christmas at Cliff at Lyons

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