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Memorable Moments
Intense Emotions
Pure Romance

Covered with an
“effortless” posing
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+Exquisite images
+Bespoke approach and experience
+Natural photos with
glamour and fashion touch
+First Class service
+Luxury printing products

Our offer, especially and exclusively for you :

An incredible Fete, a celebration of your love
with your families and closest friends.

Chic and natural portraits that are full
of emotion and soul.

A party never to be forgotten.

And photo memories representing.
The heart and the soul of
your wedding celebration.

For you, it is not about the quantity
but superior photos
that will transform. you back to
the most fantastic day,
the best party of your life.




About you,

You want the ultimate wedding experience.
Something you had never experienced before
with all the small and big things you ever dreamed about.
Amazing-looking images with a soul that will show you at your super best.
Photos that will tell the warm, incredible story of your wedding, full of romance and emotions.
Unique images and services that are bespoke and tailored to your ideas and plans.

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For me, wedding photography is not only about
natural, timeless, incredible-looking photos.

It is, even more, about the experience.

You will find plenty of fashion-conscious photographers that will create
stunning photos for you.

Still, the difference is that they prioritise their images without considering your story and your warm connections with family and friends
and are not bothered about your wishes
and your dreams.

You deserve the best photo memories
and a bespoke five-star,

With more than 15 years of experience,
Wim is  a photographer with
a soft and warm approach.
He has a gift to read a room
and to know when to step in and observe
from a distance.

Wim lives with his family in the Irish country side and is only a short distance flight away from all the top European wedding destinations.

Booking him means cost savings
in short flights and shorter stays.

Meet Wim and his

"Caviar & Champagne Experience

Proudly Published

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I am easy to be around and very approachable.
I highly value all the connections that I make
with my couples.
Before, on and after their wedding day.

So, what do you think?

Will we start our journey together towards
your fabulous wedding day?
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I promise it will be a magnificent ride.

Wim, In Love Photography
The Art of Refined Photography with a Soul

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