Weddings in France

Ohlala ! (Sigh) La France, la belle France!

What country in the world is more romantic, elegant, refined and picture-perfect than France? Hosting a destination wedding in France is a dream come true…Historical venues, World-class cuisine, Extraordinary wine, backdrops and scenery that magazine shoots are made of….

If you are considering France as your wedding destination then read below to get more ideas and inspiration…and if you haven’t considered France…well keep reading and maybe you will end up saying I DO in one of the most beautiful countries in the world after all! 

Our friends at Haute Wedding have compiled a short-list of venue styles that may pull at your heart-strings…Enjoy! 

Weddings in France by Haute Wedding

A guide to venue Styles in the most beautiful country in the world


France is home to thousands, literally thousands of chateau…ranging from fairy tale style castles, to medieval fortresses, Renaissance palaces, or residences that were owned or hosted royalty and nobility…

Chateaux can be either open to the public during the day for cultural visits, or private residences. They are usually filled with stories of centuries past, incredible architecture, intricate details, and a sense of grandeur.
Couples who consider a chateau wedding usually are drawn to an ambiance of opulence, elegance and history.

Chic Farmhouses

The French countryside in Provence  is dotted with countless renovated farmhouses radiating warmth, rustic charm, and serenity. Often nestled amongst vineyards, lavender fields, seas of sunflowers, or shimmering olive groves they are off the beaten path and a haven to celebrate a wedding over several days amongst close family & friends. 

Imagine a ceremony with striking natural beauty all around, followed by cocktails by the pool as a jazz band strums in the background, and dinner in a  stone courtyard or open-aired barn as the sun begins to set and the countryside turns from a golden glow to a soft orange hue before the sun sets making room for the glittering stars to appear magically… Provence is immersed in an atmosphere of tranquillity and romantic magic…timeless, forever. 

Hilltop villages, local bustling markets, azure blue skies, and terraces shaded by imposing plane trees make nice day trips for guests to explore the cafés, art galleries, wineries, and restaurants. 

Couples who consider a Chic Farmhouse wedding are usually drawn to a slower pace, and prioritize spending time with friends & family while appreciating refined luxury without being ‘too over the top’.

Mountain Chalets in France 

‘The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go’ – John Muir
The power, immensity, sense of adventure, and proximity to nature is like a magnetic pull in the French Alps. Peaks towering above 4000m, cascading glaciers, snow-capped peaks, colorful wildflowers, lulling sound of cowbells in the distance, dark green forests, altitude meadows….

Celebrating a wedding in the Alps is rarely even a question for couples who choose to marry there…it is a burning desire in the spirit that draws people to a place where they feel alive, at peace, and overflowing with energy and bliss that cannot be contained….

Venues of choice are often chalets or altitude restaurants with postcard perfect backdrops. High wooden beams, textured fabrics, crackling fireplaces, a cozy ambiance whether it be summer or winter….

Couples who choose to marry in the Alps  often look to share an experience with their loved ones. They are adventurous and appreciate the sheer beauty and pristine surroundings that nature has bestowed upon planet earth. Couples often choose to sprinkle in activities such as skiing, hiking, paragliding, rafting, rock-climbing, mountain biking or golfing into their wedding weekend adventure!

Seaside Luxury Hotels

The French Riviera  has crystalline blue-green waters, sailboats dotted in the bays and sumptuous villas secluded amongst the pines, citrus trees and palm trees…The Riviera as a whole is bustling, busy, glamorous, a place to be seen and rub elbows with jet-setters. 

The seaside luxury hotels on the Riviera are architectural masterpieces adorned with swimming pools plunging into the Mediterranean Sea, perfectly manicured gardens, rare sports cars pulling through the driveways, and terraces overlooking the shimmering diamond-like sparkling waters where celebrities, artists, and royalty have chosen to appreciate the finer things in life since the turn of the century.

Weddings on the Riviera do not go unnoticed…they are THE event to treat your guests to sparkle, fine wines, Michelin starred cuisine and opulence.

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