Wedding day timeline

One of the easiest ways of having a stress free wedding is to have a wedding day timeline, best worked out together with your wedding vendors.

Of course your wedding planner will do this for you but if you don’t have a planner it is not a bad idea to think about a wedding day timeline yourself in the early planning process.

Think about each important part of your wedding and ask your vendors how much time their service will take.

Your wedding day timeline is more a guide and it doesn’t need to be set in stone…

The cocktail hour is delayed because the guests had so much fun.. The kitchen was delayed so we had the last call a little bit later…

For your wedding day timeline the start and finishing times are key,  in between is and should be very flexible..

A few questions to ask in relation to your wedding photography and your wedding day timeline :

-When is sunset on your wedding day?

The golden hour has the best light of the day for your wedding photo’s

The light is warm and soft and will create a most amazing beautiful atmosphere.

-Will we have a portrait session before or after the ceremony?

First look photo sessions are a hot topic.

They can ease the nerves and you can fully relax and enjoy the cocktail hour together with your guests

For Winter ceremonies, first-look wedding photos are they way to go if you want portraits taken with natural light. “The sun will be down between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m., by having your portrait session earlier in the day there will be a good chance for pictures in the sun.”

In addition to the golden hour you should also think about setting side some time for your bridal party photo’s and your family portraits.

For your family photo’s it is best to make a list of all the family photo’s you need and calculate about 5-8 min per photo. Also let everybody who is on the list know in advance.. Otherwise it can take a while to gather everybody together.

As a service included in all my packages I will help  to built your wedding day timeline so you are guaranteed to enjoy your wedding day with plenty of beautiful photo’s to remember.

Get in contact today and we can organise a call to discuss your requirements. I offer only tailored wedding photography packages customised to your needs and expectations.

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