Selecting the right videographer and
photographer for your wedding.

By Matthias Guerin, Wedding videographer in France

Congratulations, you are engaged and ready to start your wedding planning journey.  I am sure that there are hundreds of ideas going through your mind; from color schemes, the latest bridal collections, to which type of flowers to use in your bouquet.
Although it is important to get all the details tailored to your own unique wedding, please bare in mind what will be left once the day itself has past.  The day will fly by in a rush of emotion and joy, and what will remain will be your memories, and your wedding photos and films.  For this reason, I believe that it is important that photography and videography should be high up on your priority list.
So how do you select the right photographer and videographer?  A good place to start is to get an idea about different photography and videography styles.  Visit different wedding blogs to see which styles of image you like… Fine Art, Documentary, Moody, Story Telling, the use of audio for videography…
Once you know what you do and don’t like, it is time to start drawing up a list of photographers and videographers providing a style of image “that is right for you and for your wedding”.  Remember this is your wedding, and you should select the photographer and videographer that you love (not the vendor that currently has “the current trendy style”).
Personally, I believe that photography and videography should be timeless and elegant.  Some couples prefer images that have a more “rock and roll vibe”, and I completely respect that.  We should not work together, and that is fine, I am just not the videographer for them.  But, there is someone out there who is!
Now the question that everyone asks themselves: Budget.  I would suggest establishing a minimum to maximum amount that you are willing to invest.  (Yes, it is an investment, and the images will only gain value over time).
Now that you have an idea about the style, and your budget, it is time to select 4 or 5 photographers and videographers that could be the right person to immortalise your wedding.  To be honest, a nice email to say hello with some details about your wedding plans is always nicer than a plain “how much do you charge”.
Once you have their different investment details, I would suggest comparing what is included in each collection.  Also, are they flexible and willing to adapt to your wedding plans?  I always suggest that you view a full gallery from one wedding, and one feature film to get a global idea about the images that they will deliver.
Now it is time to make your choice.  Once you have made your decision, you should be excited to work with this person who is going to be at your side throughout your wedding day.  If this is not the case, maybe you have not selected the right person for you.  I would suggest that you “go with your heart”, and not select the photographer or videographer based solely on their price tag.  It is true that good professionnel photography and videography can cost a significant sum, but surely the fact to relive your wedding once the day has past is priceless?
Now you are ready to start the search for your perfect wedding photographer and videographer.
Matthias, Wedding Videographer in France

Based in the Loire Valley, Matthias covers weddings throughout France.

Matthias lives in the countryside with his partner Rose, and their 3 cats.

As well as creating films for his clients, Matthias enjoys travelling throughout France, and discovering all the beautiful landscapes that France has to offer: From the rolling hills of the Dordogne countryside to the impressive backdrop of the French Alpes and Pyrenees, his love of nature, and travel can be felt in his films.

Whilst not filming, Matthias enjoys French gastronomy, cinema, and travelling throughout France and further afield (especially in Italy as his Grandmother was Italian).  He speaks fluent French and English.