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A collection

of my best wedding photos

My best images.

These are some of the best photo memories I have created for my couples, and yes, I am very proud of them.

All the journeys that I Take with my couples start with a simple phone call.

What are your ideas and dreams?

What are your expectations of your photographer?

How excited are you to begin our journey together?

I do this to achieve the ultimate goal: creating the best photo memories for you.

Memories you can carry with you as you go on in life.

Some are fun; some are emotional, and they are always unique to you.

So have a look at this small selection of my best wedding photos, and when you feel that this is also something you would love, get in contact to organise our first short call.


romantic wedding at ballyfin

One of my best wedding photos. My bride having a quiet moment.

I love this photo because of the light from the large bay window in the most spectacular setting of the gold room at Ballyfin House.

romantic wedding at ballyfin

On of my best wedding photos is this one taken at Powerscourt House and Gardens on a warm sunny evening in July. Everything is just perfect, the beautiful lightand with the most amazing backdrop of these two horses and sugar loaf mountain in Wicklow.

I always say that you should be yourself and nothing posed.

This photo shows that this is the best approach to capture, natural, romantic wedding memories.

My best wedding photos

It is one of my best wedding photos. This one is probably a surprise to a few of you because it doesn’t fit in with most of my images’ romantic and soft feel. I feel so strongly about this photo because it represents my photography past, of days spent in a dark room. It is such a magical photo that it is impossible to plan. For me, the closest to what they call “the decisive moment,” a term first used by one of my photography gods Henri Cartier Bresson.

My best wedding photos

In the previous photo, I told you about my days spent in a dark room, and the art of black ad white photography that has always been in my heart.

I believe there is a strong revival on its way that will show that black and white images are even more “timeless” than colour photography.

I adore this photo because it is created only with soft light and no gimmicks, and I believe it will easily stand the age of time.

Photo from a romantic wedding day at Ballyfin House.


My best wedding photos

Your wedding day is all about you and how you want to spend it.

I work together with you and your wedding planner to make sure you have a fabulous day full of fun together with your family and friends.

A timeline for your wedding will make it all possible.

You decide on the time you want to spend on your bridal portraits.

This one is one of my best wedding photos taken at Powerscourt House and Gardens.

I just directed their hands and the rest is pure.

No strange and forced poses.

My best wedding photos

I LOVE this room.

If there is one perfect room to photograph a bride in Ireland, this is the one at Gloster House.

I believe in simplicity,

in natural photography

and that beauty comes from within.

Soft colours are still my favourite,

and I adore these statues that give this image a very stylish touch.

Every wedding is unique

and for that reason

I create custom proposals for every one of my clients

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about my process

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chateau in france wedding

My best wedding photos

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Ballyfin House, Romance is part of the scenery, Ballyfin has been a byword for grace and luxury since the eighteenth century. 

The Decisive Moment, “The photograph itself doesn’t interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality”. –Henri Cartier-Bresson

Powerscourt Country House and Gardens is an historic wedding venue set in the romantic Wicklow countryside. One of Ireland’s finest wedding venues.

Gloster House, a truly unique setting for your wedding day nestling at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains

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